Missing Courses in Moodle

Go to the TSTC Portal and login with your TSTC OneID.

If you have problems logging into the portal click HERE.

There is a row of icons at the top of the page, select Student Planning.

After you select Student Planning, it will take you to the Student Self Service site. You will see two boxes, select Go to Plan & Schedule.

On the next page you will see the classes that you have planned/registered for. It will also give you a sample schedule for reference. Inspect that you have indeed registered for the class, and take note of the instructor's information and class start dates.

Once you have verified that you are registered, contact the instructor of the class in question and let them know that you are not able to see the course in Moodle, and they will help to resolve the issue.


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Fri 5/15/20 1:08 PM
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