Reset Password Guide

Here is some information about your TSTC Password.  When you account is first created, it is given a default password.  With this password, you'll need to go to the Password Manager application to create your Password Profile.  You can find instructions to do that HERE.  

After you have setup your Password Profile, you will be able to reset your password on your own without reaching out to the Help Desk.  You can learn how to reset your TSTC Password using your answers to questions in your Password Profile by clicking HERE.

Want to know a quick way you can reset your password on you smartphone without reaching out to the Help Desk?  You can use Two Factor Authentication (2FA) to accomplish this after you have setup your Password Profile.  You will have to setup your TSTC Password profile and download an app to do this.  To learn how to reset your TSTC Password using 2FA, click HERE.

Most applications at TSTC will use your TSTC Password to authenticate or log into. However, there are a few applications that use a separate password.  You can look over the lists below to find out which applications user this separate password.

Resetting your password for the following applications requires you to contact the Help Desk. 1-800-592-8784 or ext. 13375

  • Gmail
  • Colleague
  • Alive Chat

The following Applications give you the option to enter your user name or email address in the format of and receive an email with a link that will allow you to create a  new password.

  • Success Factors
  • Adobe Sign
  • Salesforce/Target X

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